Really happy to promote this initative today!


promote sustainable mobility the Verona Municipal Police has developed a map of the historical center, with specified times and travel distances for journeys on foot.In the map, in addition to the main historical monuments, they show the parking lots and the Verona Bike seats for the rental bikes (

Pedometro Map  

To better explain the meaning and the objectives that arises promoting this map is necessary to clarify that the expression of sustainable mobility means of transport (and generally an urban mobility system) can decrease the environmental, social and economic , generated by private vehicles.


With sustainable mobility is reduced:

air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

noise pollution

road congestion

the accident

the degradation of the urban areas (caused by the space occupied by vehicles at the expense of pedestrians);

use of the land (caused by the construction of roads and infrastructure)

The interventions are therefore aimed at reducing the presence of private motor vehicles in urban areas, to favor alternative mobility which is carried out:

on foot

by bike

with public transportation (bus, tram, rail system)

with private transport shared (car pooling, car sharing)

Trips made on foot, by bicycle or with public transport, represent sustainable transport modes, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution and congestion, can play an important role in the physical and mental well-being of all.

Good walking, or biking to all!